About us

Our Mission:

Save Lives

The Dunbar Stop Program was founded by Tiffany Walker-Samuels and Romelia Hodges with the specific mission to uplift and unite African Americans in the region through a commitment to black community health and well-being.

More importantly, the wellness program and DSF Stop Clinic were founded out of a passion to save lives and provide compassionate COVID education care to the underserved community. DSF Stop Clinic opened its doors in 2020 due to the sweeping Corona-virus pandemic which proved more deadly within the African-American community. The first COVID-related death occurred within the community of Fairmont. A call to action was formed to help save lives specifically within the black community with a statistically higher percentage of Corona-virus cases and COVID deaths per capita in the state of West Virginia

“The initiative transcends any one person or organization. The Dunbar School Foundation Stop Program consists of a grassroots effort that emerged from adversity and struggles in order to offer hope, equity and access to resources on an unprecedented level. We are committed to rooting the Stop Program in the values and principles that have been passed along from past generations to serve as a guide for a successful, healthy future of north-central West Virginians.”

~Romelia Hodges and Tiffany Walker-Samuels

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